Your ultimate travel and pet care solution

Get exclusive benefits, simplify caregiving, enhance veterinary services, and contribute to scientific progress!

  • Suitable for travel

    Meets international regulations, while unlocking a world of benefits and community perks.

  • Medical history

    Wherever you go with your pet, vets need their current health data, which could be life-saving.

  • Timely reminders

    It can streamline daily tasks, providing timely care and enhancing your pet's welfare.

Essential always on time

With Petcare Passport, you enhance care process by following smart reminders on crucial procedures, examinations, and treatments.

Diagnosis and treatment

The presumed diagnosis and assigned treatment are always at your fingertips - all for a happy and healthy life of the pet you care for.

Strong pocket

All important papers and prescriptions are stored in the Petcare Passport pocket, no more paper mess.

Even more features

Based on our vast travel and pet care expertise, as well as expert advice, we've developed one of the most comprehensive products today and will keep on boosting its capabilities.

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More benefits

Share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Travel assistance

Traveling with Your Pet Made Easy! Let Us Help You Navigate Through It All!

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For exceptional caregivers

Petcare Passport Pro boasts 136 pages, crafted for the enduring well-being of your pet. Should you run out of pages, we will be delighted to offer a new passport, absolutely free of charge!

Personal offers

Gain access to personalized offers, discounts on pet products and services, and much more!

Luca petcare Ai

Luca is your assistant that can increase pet happiness by providing care advice.


Why does the passport say "Caregivers" instead of "Owners"?

Our approach to interspecies relationships emphasizes mutual understanding and respect.

We use the term "Caregivers" to highlight our commitment to responsible stewardship for those under our care.

This emphasizes the importance of our product in promoting the well-being of our pets.

Can I buy a passport and take it to my veterinarian?

Certainly! Just bring your Petcare Passport along with you to your next vet appointment.

Take an adorable snapshot of your pet and schedule an appointment for your vet to input vital information into the document.

Which countries can I travel to with my pet with Petcare Passport?

You can travel to any country that allows the importation of animals.

In the passport, you'll find a section with a QR code. Scan it to get up-to-date information about your upcoming trip.